Ruby on Rails TDD
Full throttle Ruby, TDD and Ajax - get there fast! 10 days, just 2 hrs a day and the tools to deliver quality at a new level. This course is available to be held at your facility or remote training Contact us for more information.
Is this course for me?
  • Are you a Java or .Net developer? This course is for you.
  • Enjoy writing XML configuration files? Neither do we. This course is for you.
  • Ready for web development to be fun again? This course is definitely for you.
  • Strictly an HTML or CSS programmer? This course is not for you but check out our other courses.
What will I learn?
  • How to put your web development on Rails using test-driven development
  • How to create clean Ruby code that works
  • How to fearlessly refactor and enhance your Rails application with new features
What will I be doing?
  • Build a Rails application through intense, hands-on learning
  • Experience the full BDD lifecycle and encounter realistic obstacles
  • Discuss Behaviour-driven development and explore the Rails framework
Course outline
  • Ruby refresher - objects,classes, modules, test unit, core Ruby
  • Ruby for Rails - ERB, YAML, Rake, Gems, Riding the Rails
    BDD first features - kick off Rails project using Rspec
  • BDD theory - BDD flow, refactoring
  • Demystifying Rails - architecture, console, models, controllers, unit and functional tests, associations, migrations, views, core Ruby extensions
    Test driving your Rails app - Rails project structure, integration tests
  • Adv. controllers & models - user authentication, BDD'ing actions
  • Rails power tools - mock objects, named routes, adv. integration testing
    Rails plugins
  • Ajax on Rails - Ajax with Jquery , Helpers & RJS,
  • Ajaxifying Rails Acceptance test - Watir
    Advanced Ajax on Rails
  • Coffee script, _UnderScore.js, HAML,ScSS etc..
  • RubyMine- Hands on Experience with RubyMine with debugging skills
  • Git - Deployment using Heroku and usage of Git hub